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Use the lightweight, compact Portable MagVise for quick 90º clamping in the shop or in the field!

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Magnets in the walls instantly hold pipes, tubes, angle iron, or metal plates in position for fast, accurate clamping at 90º.


Features a pliers/Vise combination for clamping flat workpieces, such as metal plates and angle iron. Pliers can be detached from the vise for easy removal of welded stock.

The rotatable spindle allows for holding workpieces with different thicknesses. Use the provided leveling screw and optional Magnetic Rests to level long workpieces. The pliers can mount from front side of the MagVise. When the job is finished, easily slide the pliers out of the WP60 MagVise.

Part No.  Features                   Miter Joints Jaw Length T-Clearance Jaw Height Weight
WP60      MagVise with Pliers           25 mm       85 mm            30 mm       50 mm     0.9 kg  


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