GIANT 3000 35 – 152 mm 1 3/8“ – 6“

Meller Tools | External Thread restorer | Code: giant 3000

External Thread Restorer GIANT 3000 35 – 152 mm 1 3/8“ – 6“

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NES is a complete line of tools, specially designed to repair any kind of defect threads and is an ideal tool to save time and money! This tool can mend any type of threads, any diameter, pitch, fine, coarse, left or right hand threads. This "All-rounder" replaces alone over 150 single pieces and is easy & comfortable to use!

  • The tool V-shaped thread seat is narrower - to reduce the gap between the blades to the tool sides.
  • In cases of stepped shaft where the thread diameter is smaller then the shaft, Nes3 can fix up-to the last 3mm from thread end.
  • The tool is smaller in width (35mm) and weight (1.80 kg).
  • Nes3 Maximum diameter is larger than before, up-to 152mm (6")
  • Nes3 new multi-teeth cutting blades are treating the thread to its best performance
  • The combination of multi-teeth cutting blade with Keyway Skip Accessory makes your repairing outcome easy and perfect even on threads with keyway.

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