Electro scooter Chopper

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The easiest and ecological way of transportation.

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Electro scooter Chopper is a modern and enviro safe way of transportation trough the town or among close towns or villages.

It is equiped by the battery, battery charger, head lamp, imobilizer, keys, digital dispay, side light, back light, brake light wide wheels.

The speed is up to 55km/h and the distance also up to 55km/h depending on the weight of the user and the weather conditions.

The dimensions: 180cm x 40cm x 110cm  and the weight is 60kg.

These days it is a very popular, safe and green way method of transportation. You do not have to stay in the traffic jam. You can use the way or path. You are allowed to go to the parks and other places which are for cars and motorbikes forbidden.

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