Induction DHI 44F-LKW

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The DHI-4F-LKW is a portable workshop induction heater with integrated water cooling for the induction heater and replaceable induction coil extenders.
The induction heater DHI-4F-LKW has a number of innovative features for efficient and quick heating of bolts, nuts, shafts, bearings, sections, round steel, sheets, etc. The DHI-4F-LKWhas a fluent power control within a range of 10-100 % and a clear display showing presets and readings. Besides, it has a timer for simply selecting desired heating time, which combined with the controlled power mode enables relatively accurate and repeatable
heating with controlled heat introduction, i.e., heating to a set temperature.

Its high power capacity, small dimensions and light weight make the DHI-4F ideal for workshops, car repair shops, general repairs, production, maintenance and industry. A significant advantage of the DHI-4F compared to other heating methods is its safety, simplicity and high speed of heating and application, particularly compared to flame heating. Moreover, the use of the DHI-4F induction heater is clean and environmentally friendly.

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